Dear Miami Dolphins, I AM DONE

You’ve probably heard this a lot over the last couple days, but I have been a fan for 30+ years. I gave you my everything in 2020, and now, I am done.

For context, this year, I was here during the chaos that was #DraftTwitter fighting over which QB was THE guy. Navigating rumors and “insiders” leading to the ultimate selection of the @LeftArmOfGod.

I followed the eventual QB carousel back & forth while Coach Flo appeared to go full baseball-mode with a starter and a reliever.
(Elsewhere Joe Burrow was playing well pre-injury, and Justin Herbert was taking the league by storm; even Jalen Hurts announced himself this year.)

I clicked your links. I listened to your audio, I watched your product. I engaged with your players.

I was glued to the screen during the highest of highs (statement games & Ws vs. the Rams, Cardinals, and the aforementioned Justin Herbert’s LA Chargers; or Fitzmagic’s GOAT no-look pass to Mack Hollins & Jason $ander$ be money — repeatedly).
I saw all the trick plays that worked, and those that didn’t.
I stayed through the end of the lowest of lows (starting 0–2, and getting molly-whopped by the Bills when the season was on the line).

I watched “virtual nobodies” like Eric Rowe, Jerome Baker, Miles Gaskin, Lynn Bowden, Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, and something called an Andrew Van Ginkel get expanded snap counts.

I tuned in weekly to see Xavien Howard put up what should have been a DPOY performance on the season.

I watched Tua show signs of what he can be.

And for what?

What does this all mean?

Does it mean I’m quitting on you?

That seems absurd, right? That after last year’s 5–11 season, and a slow start in 2020, we saw you find your groove with a 5 game win streak this year finishing 10–6?

Well, based on internet chatter, the idea of quitting you and burning jerseys doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

But here’s the thing… You see, I’m a fan. A fanatic. I am by definition, “a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, especially an activity.” I am a fanatic of the Miami Dolphins football team — in good times, and in bad; And we had both this year.

But the lifetime journey IS WHAT MAKES THIS FUN!

Sadly, with the team’s playoff chances shut down on Sunday, my watch has ended, for 2020’s activities, and therefore, I am done…

Now, the good news: the 2021 season is essentially in it’s early stages, we have eyes on potential options in free agency and a draft, and I’m getting hyped like I’ve done every year since I first saw Dan Marino spin a football. (Sheesh, that guy was fun to watch.)

Ultimately, you deserve a huge congratulations for for the “worst-to-first” turnaround on defense, in less than a year, and I look forward to watching you come back next season more talented & resilient than ever, a more cohesive band of brothers, and hopefully with an offseason full of actual reps.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Miami Dolphins players, coaches and content teams for being a consistent distraction, bright spot, and otherwise enjoyment to watch this year, and I wish you all immense good health and can’t wait to see what you do in 2021.

You can be d*mn sure, I’m cheering from wherever I am — cause I’m a fanatic and that’s what we do!


Sincerely, Sipp
(+ the millions of fanatics around the world who are in this message in spirit)

If you made it this far, #ThankYOU for reading. I hope you found some enjoyment in this tongue-in-cheek article that helped me process how the season ended, as a fresh alternative to the “fire coaches / trade everyone” articles.

If you liked, consider clapping or sharing — it would mean the world to me.

🎶‘Cause we’re the…🎶




‘The gratitude guy’ | 📖Author of ‘Punchlines’ series, and ’75 Lessons’ | kindness✖️optimism ✖️gratitude✖️action

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‘The gratitude guy’ | 📖Author of ‘Punchlines’ series, and ’75 Lessons’ | kindness✖️optimism ✖️gratitude✖️action

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